Consumer Insights

Understanding consumer experience and brand perceptions is important. Transforming these insights into strategies that optimize consumer experience, improve brand positioning, and increase customer loyalty is essential.

At Pollara, we avoid the pitfalls of simplistic and incomplete approaches to measuring consumer experience, branding, and loyalty. We are committed to identifying deep, nuanced, and accurate consumer insights – and we are passionate about distilling them into clear, actionable recommendations that will improve and intensify your brand’s standing and share among your key markets.

We work closely with our clients to design and conduct research that provides clarity of understanding and direction. And, we apply our extensive industry experience and deep sector expertise to provide interpretation and advice that rises above a superficial reading of the research results and directly addresses the objectives and needs of your business plans.

We don’t just deliver numbers.  We provide direction.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Advertising/communications testing and tracking
  • Brand development and brand equity
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty tracking (including NPS)
  • Distribution channel evaluation
  • Insurance claimant satisfaction
  • Insurance broker satisfaction
  • Mystery shopping
  • Product and service development
  • Social media strategies
  • Spokesperson evaluation
  • Usage and attitude
  • Website usability

Models and Products

InsurPoll: Insights for Improving the Consumer Experience
Since 1999, InsurPoll has kept subscribers abreast of the changing insurance marketplace by identifying consumer trends and emerging needs. It provides insightful, actionable analysis to improve the consumer experience, including shopping, company choice, and customer service.

This cost-effective alternative to custom market research provides strategic marketing information about Canada’s home and auto insurance consumers nationally, and within each region.

For more information on the 2017 wave of InsurPoll, please contact Daniel Dharmasurya at

Customer Loyalty Tracking/Balanced Scorecard Research
There is a growing realization that “what is measured is managed” and that incorporating customer loyalty measures into balanced scorecards and compensation practices can sharpen organizations’ focus on customer service. At Pollara, we work closely with organizations to develop highly accurate, customized measurement approaches for this purpose, as well as using common measures such as Net Promoter Scores.

However, when organizations are mandated to improve customer service they must be provided with strategic and even tactical guidance to achieve this goal. Pollara consultants work closely with clients to develop customized research programs that will provide this ongoing guidance for improving the customer experience.