SOCIALscape 2017: The Canadian Social Media & Messaging Monitor

Conducted annually, SOCIALscape is Canada’s definitive measurement of social media and messaging platform usage patterns. This free version of the report reveals how many Canadians use each of the available social media and messaging platforms, who these users are, how they use the platforms, and how often.

SOCIALscape 2017 Report (Free Download)

Aviva Insurance-Pollara Poll: Canadians feel unsafe due to distracted driving, want technology that disables phones while driving

Business Insider article

Jim Warren column in PostMedia

The Caregiving Landscape in Ontario: A Brief Look at Informal Caregivers and Home Care Service Usage in Ontario

Almost four-in-ten Ontario households are home to an informal caregiver that helps or cares for a loved one’s health care management, personal care, or home support/maintenance. Six-in-ten informal caregivers provide help at least a few times per week, and most are caring for a loved one that does not live with them. Not surprisingly, most of Ontario’s caregivers report that they are under a lot or a moderate amount of stress as a consequence of the critical role they play.

Read more about informal caregivers as well as current and projected home care service usage in Ontario in our new summary report, provided on a complimentary basis. Also, see our prospectus for information about our upcoming subscribers-only syndicated study devoted to providing a comprehensive examination of the lives, views, and needs of Ontario’s informal caregivers.

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Prospectus for Upcoming Caregivers Syndicated Study

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