Corporate Profile

Since 1980, Pollara Strategic Insights has provided our clients with what they need: deep understanding, bulletproof accuracy, actionable recommendations, and insightful ongoing counsel. Pollara is founded upon demonstrated expertise and acumen, responsive client-first partnership, and custom-tailored solutions chosen from a comprehensive toolbox of industry-leading research methodologies and analytical techniques.

We are a team of senior sector experts and research industry leaders who are passionate about helping our clients. We are committed to in-depth engagement in every phase of every project, and tackling research challenges with hands-on creativity rather than ill-fitting cookie cutter approaches. We do not delegate. We do not disappear. Our clients enjoy full access to our senior team – because, at Pollara, we measure our success by the depth and effectiveness of our client relationships.

We have extensive leadership experience in providing ongoing high-level strategic advice to clients in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors on a local, national, and global scale. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research among the general public, target segments, customers, opinion leaders and key influencers, C-suite executives and decision makers, and stakeholders such as employees, members, and peers. And, we are never satisfied with topline results. We believe the power and utility of research is in exploring, understanding, and illuminating each of the key segments and undercurrents beneath the surface.

For us, our job never ends with the research itself. The research is the critical foundation upon which we provide our primary value: insightful guidance and ongoing advisory partnership. For every client and every study, we strive to transform datasets into guideposts.

We don’t just deliver numbers. We provide direction.