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The Public Lens: Legalizing Marijuana

The Public Lens: Legalizing Marijuana logoA key volume in our Public Lens series of issue-focused syndicated studies, this semi-annual subscription-based syndicated study is the definitive barometer of public opinion on one of Canada’s most prominent public policy topics. Every Spring and Fall, subscribers to this study receive fresh insights into public – and marijuana user – engagement, perceptions, and attitudes about marijuana as well as expectations, concerns, and preferences regarding legalization.

The study gauges support/opposition levels for legalization – overall and in terms of minimum age limits, pricing, distribution options, and retail environment options. It tests the impact of a wide range of messages and information, including messaging about policy objectives, packaging regulations, THC limits, and associated law enforcement and public education initiatives. The study includes a profile of marijuana users, in terms of usage patterns and likelihood to buy legally under different pricing and retail environment scenarios. Each wave tracks key measures and delves into new, relevant areas of investigation.


InsurPoll Auto 2017

InsurPoll Auto 2017 LogoFor 18 years, subscribers have benefitted from the insights provided by our longest-standing syndicated study. InsurPoll Auto is the definitive report on Canada’s auto insurance consumers, providing a comprehensive trend analysis of their perspectives, motivations, and purchase and renewal behaviours – within the rich contextual perspective of almost two decades of tracking data.

The 2017 edition of InsurPoll Auto continues to track the study’s core metrics, including channel usage, satisfaction with channel and insurance providers, consumer loyalty and retention, likelihood to recommend, consumer switching and shopping, and ad awareness and reputation across the major insurance brands. We will also continue to measure awareness and appeal of usage-based insurance policy options, including telematics.


Caregivers in Ontario

Caregivers in Ontario LogoThis subscription-based syndicated study provides the definitive profile of Ontario’s Informal Caregivers – those Ontarians who provide help or care to an adult loved one with their health care management, personal care needs, or home support/maintenance.

Subscribers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the lives of Caregivers – and their views and needs vis-à-vis the health care system, home care services, and retirement living and long-term care providers in the province.


A Brief Look at Informal Caregivers & Home Care in Ontario (Free Report)

NPS Benchmarks Canada

NPS Benchmarks Canada logoThis semi-annual subscription-based syndicated study is the quickest, most cost-effective solution for measuring the Net Promoter Score® for your brands and competing brands. Need a quick NPS benchmark or refresh without the need or budget to conduct a long survey? NPS Benchmarks Canada is the straightforward, budget-friendly solution.

Every Spring and Fall, we measure NPS among the customers of each subscriber’s requested brands. Subscribers are kept strictly confidential, and only receive the NPS results for the brands they have requested and purchased. Subscriptions are customizable, allowing purchase of booster samples, additional questions, and single or multiple waves.


Pollara On-Demand Omnibus

The Pollara On-Demand omnibus is the best solution for short, fast-turnaround national and provincial surveys with small budgets – that need to happen now.

Need to ask a few questions among 1,000 Canadians or Ontarians right now, rather than waiting for an omnibus schedule? Book a seat on a Pollara On-Demand (POD) Omnibus to enjoy omnibus-style sampling and pricing on an on-demand basis. We’ll get started right away!



Pollara’s leading-edge stakeholder engagement and panel management platform allows you to easily build, manage, and engage panels of key stakeholders, customers, or residents within an always-on, at-your-fingertips online discussion forum. Built upon a message board software foundation, Dialogue is a home for your stakeholders that provides you instant access to consult them about issues, initiatives, and communications materials through quickpolls, interactive group discussions, townhall workshops, one-on-one interviews, and full surveys.

Have urgent questions for your panel? You don’t have to wait to program, field, and process a survey. Instead, instantly ask direct questions using the quickpoll feature, post a series of exploratory questions as part of a moderated interactive discussion, or invite panelists to comment and click on draft creative materials – producing heat maps that illustrate the strong and weak elements. Within Dialogue, there are numerous ways to engage your panelists and gather their feedback – either by doing it yourself, enlisting Pollara’s research team, or a hybrid approach.


Opinion Catalysts

Pollara’s proprietary Opinion Catalyst research model identifies the small segment of the public who are the crest of the wave of opinion and behaviour in every sector and sphere – those who are the most engaged, connected, and actively influential. Catalysts are knowledgeable, opinionated, word-of-mouth generators who lead and influence the public around them.

By adding our customizable model to your survey, we can provide attitudinal, behavioural, psychographic, and communications profiles of the unique Catalyst cohort for your sector – allowing you to test your initiatives, messaging, policies, and products among this critical segment as well as your other audiences. As an example of one type of Catalyst, please see our brief on the Civic Catalysts – the Opinion Catalysts on public policy and public affairs issues.

Brief: Civic Catalysts

SOCIALscape: The Canadian Social Media & Messaging Monitor

Conducted annually, SOCIALscape is Canada’s definitive measurement of social media and messaging platform usage patterns. Every year, we measure and track how many Canadians use each of the available social media and messaging platforms, who these users are, how they use the platforms, and how often.

Although we publicly release the overall trends, clients can purchase custom questions to be included on the survey – in order to test their profile, reputation, products, services, policies, and campaigns among key social media user audiences. Your proprietary questions and results are kept strictly confidential, and only shared with you.

Please download our most recent report below, provided on a complimentary basis. If you have questions or are interested in purchasing custom proprietary questions on the next edition, the appropriate contact information is included at the back of the report.

SOCIALscape 2017 Report (Free Download)