Public Affairs

Public affairs research is not simple. It is not a two-question horse race poll. It is about people; not numbers. At Pollara, we don’t just deliver numbers.

Pollara’s approach to public affairs research is a sophisticated art and calculus that interprets scientific data within the crucible of reality. There are real people behind the numbers, each with a range of fluctuating challenges, beliefs, and emotions. We distill clarity from this complexity.

We strongly believe the power and utility of research lies beneath the surface of the topline results. Through deep exploration and nuanced analysis, Pollara illuminates your key audiences and stakeholders amongst your segmented landscape – their current attitudinal-behavioural dynamics, their motivations and engagement levels, what to say to them, how to reach them, and the impact potential. We provide actionable advice and guideposts for the best path forward, rooted in our decades of expertise and respect for real-world contexts.

We don’t just deliver numbers. We provide direction.

Subject Matter Expertise

We help our clients to understand, manage, and influence a myriad of issues, policies, and action plans in every sector – whether it be the development, execution, and assessment of policy; the management of crises or advocacy campaigns; or the positioning of people, organizations, and initiatives. Our areas of research-driven consulting expertise include:

  • Issues/Crisis Management
  • Communications/Advocacy Campaign Development and Management
  • Public Policy Development and Framing
  • Reputation and Corporate Social Responsibility Management
  • Stakeholder Relations Management (Members, Employees, Investors, Peers/Influencers, Donors)
  • Brand Development and Brand Equity
  • Strategic Plan Development, Priority-Setting, and Framing
  • Political and Electoral Analysis
  • Thought Leadership Studies and Media Release Polling

Models and Products

Pollara Catalysts: Our model and syndicated study providing the pulse of Canada’s opinion leaders – those population cohorts who are the most engaged, networked, active, and influential within your sector. These sub-segments are relatively small, but they have great reach and impact upon your business. Opinion Catalysts are the crest of the wave of attitudes and behaviours. We profile, analyse, and track the unique Catalyst cohorts for your sector – and allow you to test your initiatives among them. Want to know where your audiences are going? The Catalysts are already there. Want to know the future of your sector today? Talk to the Catalysts.

RealRep: Should major reputation management decisions be made based on generic studies conducted among the general population rather than your actual target audiences? We don’t think so. Our unique, comprehensive, multi-dimensional research model is designed to help you improve and manage your corporate reputation among the general population and – more relevantly – your target audiences, employees/ambassadors, key influencers, and stakeholders. RealRep focuses on analysing your reputation among your key audiences, and identifies the best path forward that respects the common and divergent themes across these segments. Moreover, our analytical approach goes beyond that of run-of-the-mill reputation studies, incorporating qualitative, emotional, perceptual, social media, word-of-mouth buzz, and Net Promoter Score elements. RealRep does not just deliver numbers and rankings. It paints a dynamic picture of how each of your key audiences view and interact with your brand. And, ultimately, RealRep allows us to provide direction on how to develop the superior positioning and meaningful relationships necessary to strengthening your reputation.

RealCSR: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not a frill. It lends shape to corporate brands and can act as the emotional wedge or tiebreaker on the quality/price playing field. Typical reputation studies cannot devote the necessary depth of investigation into CSR, and often incorrectly downplay the importance of CSR due to the top-of-mind dominance of quality and price in consumer minds. Gaining a complete understanding of CSR requires a dedicated study that fully measures awareness, perceptions, effectiveness, preferences, communications, and ROI across all of the recognized pillars of CSR. That is why we created RealCSR – our unique, comprehensive research model that helps you design, improve, and manage your CSR programme among the general population and your target audiences, employees/ambassadors, key influencers, and stakeholders. Like our RealRep model, our RealCSR model provides a special focus on your key audiences, determining the best path forward that respects the common and divergent themes among them. RealCSR does not just deliver superficial numbers that fail to capture the essence of your CSR impact. It allows us to paint a dynamic picture of how each of your key audiences view, interact, and emotionally engage with your CSR activities. And, ultimately, RealCSR allows us to provide direction on how to carve out the CSR profile that is the best fit for your brand and each of your key audiences – to the benefit of your relationships and reputation.

Pollara Ambassadors:  Our customizable Ambassadors research model provides a clear understanding of the state, dynamics, and key drivers of satisfaction and engagement among your employees, members, and stakeholders – and the segments within these populations. More importantly, it allows us to leverage our expertise to deliver clear, actionable research-driven advice on how to increase satisfaction and engagement in order to enfranchise these key audiences to be proactive, empowered, and inspired ambassadors for your organization.

PollaraSocial:  Our cloud-based social media monitoring and analysis platform allows us to provide ongoing, interactive, user-friendly monitoring with strong analytical power. Founded upon cutting-edge search and text-mining technology, PollaraSocial captures and distills the chatter on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, online news media, or any internet property into live, clickable/probe, thematically-coherent word clouds, chart visualizations, or verbatim text files. A powerful tool in our methodological toolbox, PollaraSocial also allows us to conduct SMS text-based surveys, capturing the results on a traditional basis or displaying the live incoming results at events.