Two hundred blended on-line, nightly IVR and phone surveys and daily briefings, will keep you plugged in from writ-drop to election night.

By signing this subscription form, your organization is subscribing to Pollara Strategic Insights’ syndicated study. Based on 200 blended on-line, IVR and phone nightly survey conducted Sundays through Thursdays once the writ is dropped, this subscription will provide reporting from Pollara as follows:

  • Pre-Writ Benchmark Analysis: Based on a pre-writ survey, this report will provide vote intent, voter pools, advance poll intent, anti-NDP and anti-Kenney dynamics and the potential for voter shifts between the main parties and alternatives.
  • Exclusive access to a customized, secure dashboard tracking results for the duration of the campaign.
  • Daily briefing call
  • Access to omnibus question opportunities at a discounted rate

Total subscription amount that will be billed to our organization is $8,500 + applicable taxes . See ‘Subscription terms and conditons’ below for further details.

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Subscription Terms & Conditions

Usage of report and data: This study is exclusively for the internal use of subscribing organizations. Subscribers are prohibited from providing the study results, report, and data to any other parties not named in this agreement – unless they receive prior written permission from Pollara. No part of the study survey, report, or data may be reproduced in any form, by any means, without written permission from Pollara. A breach of any provision of this contract may require the offending party to pay monetary damages.

Invoicing: Upon finalizing the subscription form, Pollara will issue an invoice for the total subscription amount, payable within 15 days of invoice receipt. Applicable taxes will be applied to the subscription fees referenced.

Based on our subscription order detailed herein, the total subscription amount that will be billed to your organization is $8,500 + applicable taxes.

Ownership of study, report, and data: The survey instrument, report, and data for this study are the property of Pollara. Pollara may publicly release findings from the study for marketing purposes.

For questions, inquires and invoicing details contact:

Don Guy
416-921-0090 ext 2200