Alberta Election 2019 Final Report: A Straight (Pipe)line to Power

April 18, 2019 — In addition to our election polling featured in Maclean’s, we also surveyed Albertans about a range of different political perceptions and policy priorities in order to capture insights into voters’ mindsets – including their demands, expectations, and priorities for their new provincial government.

Please download our  report, co-authored with our friends at Enterprise, to see these insights, an overall analysis of the campaign, and what to expect from the new Kenney UCP Government.

Alberta Election 2019 Final Report: What Happened? What’s Next?

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Leading researcher Richard Leigh-Bennett joins Pollara team

Pollara Strategic Insights is proud to announce that Richard Leigh-Bennett has joined our growing team as Vice President.

A market research veteran and leader for more than 30 years, Richard brings to Pollara his extensive research experience working for clients in the private and public sector, in Canada, the U.S., the UK, Europe, Asia/Pacific, South America and the Caribbean.  

Based in Ottawa, Richard will be Pollara’s lead representative for federal government clients as well as private and association sector clients in the National Capital Region.  

He also assumes the leadership of our growing tourism and gaming research practices, applying the expertise he has honed while conducting research studies for the largest destination marketing organizations and dozens of lottery regulators and operators throughout North America.    

Prior to joining Pollara, Richard was a Senior Vice President at Harris/Decima and also ran his own research consultancy.  

Stay tuned for Pollara announcements about some of our new research insights offerings in the gaming and tourism sectors, which we will be developing with Richard over the coming months.

Ontarians approve of how their municipal councils voted on cannabis retail opt-in/opt-out

March 3, 2019 ---
Recently, the provincial government of Ontario required all Municipal Councils
in the province to hold votes to decide whether to opt-in (allow) or opt-out
(ban) of allowing bricks-and-mortar cannabis retail stores in their community.
The deadline to hold these votes was January 22, 2019. Conducted from February
6-11, 2019, Pollara’s survey of 2,163 Ontarians reveals that residents of both
opt-in municipalities and opt-out municipalities approve of their council’s

From a macro
perspective, Ontario’s municipal councils have voted according to the
preferences of their communities
regarding the decision on whether to
opt-in (allow) or opt-out (ban) of allowing cannabis retail stores in their
municipality.  Although councils voted differently on the issue, about half
of the residents in opt-in municipalities (54%) and opt-out municipalities
(53%) approve
of their respective council’s decision. Just three-in-ten in
the opt-in (31%) and opt-out (33%) communities disapprove of how their
municipal council voted. 

However, although they approve of opting out and effectively banning cannabis retail stores in their community, about half (54%) of residents in opt-out communities also support their councils reviewing the experience of opt-in communities and holding another vote on the issue in 12-18 months.  Just 30% oppose holding a review and another vote, preferring to simply continue with the ban. For more information about the study, please see our report. 

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