Our Customer Experience Measurement Tools Produce Actionable Results

Is your CX Data Delivering the Insights Necessary for an Amazing Customer Experience?

Designed to measure the quality of the experiences and interactions that customers have with a brand or service across all touch points, Pollara’s Customer Experience models drive customer centric action plans within organisations, empowering employees to proactively respond when high-value customers are at risk of defecting to competitors, or turn satisfied customers into brand ambassadors.

Pollara’s CX expertise provides deep insight into the key drivers of Customer Satisifaction and a clearer picture of your current analytic ecosystem. By combining CX and employee experience, web analytics, financial and customer data, we reveal actionable insights that will increase adoption/purchase/participation, retention and advocacy.

Pollara's Customer Experience Maturity Model

Are you getting the most out of the CX data you collect?

Pollara’s Customer Experience Maturity model identifies the internal barriers that limit your agility. To master customer connectedness, customer feedback and insight must drive actions throughout your organization. And to reach that level of maturity, your brand goals have to be articulated. Employees can be empowered to implement data-driven changes in a holistic and measured manner.

Pollara’s CX Maturity model will identify the challenges that inhibit brand leaders from making swift action to improve CX across their organization.

As an organization, you can identify areas of consensus or like-minded agreement in the current C-Suite working relationship that can be exploited in order to gain broader support for specific high-value CX initiatives and investments, and identify paths of least resistance for the implementation of recommended data.

Pollara’s CX Maturity Model ensures that an organization has a unified CX vision and a culture intent on methodically improving customer experience.