iGaming in Canada

The Country’s Definitive Study of Online Gaming

With an ever-increasing array of gaming entertainment options available online, more and more Canadians are turning to the internet to gamble – both legally and illegally. Yet, little substantive research is being conducted to understand this new market trend.

Our study will measure and track the size of the current and potential online gaming market, provide online player segment profiles, and identify online player preferences, demands, and areas of growth.

Over the course of 2 waves of research per year, the study will measure and track a range of attitudes and behaviours, including:

  • Public approval/disapproval for various online gambling legalization options, including reasons behind these attitudes.
  • Among current and potential online gaming customers, we will measure participation in a comprehensive range of traditional, online, and new or possibly emergent online gambling opportunities:
    • Traditional gaming activities such as lottery games, casino visits, bingo, and racetracks.
    • Online gaming activities such as government and privately run gambling websites, online sports betting, and multiplayer online games.
    • New or possibly emergent online gambling opportunities, such as single game sports betting, fantasy sports, eSports, and social gambling.
  • Awareness and reputation of government and non-government gaming and betting sites/brands.
  • Measure the types of gaming activities, frequency of wagering across all types, government and non-regulated sites visited, and impressions and preferences for these sites.
  • Among potential online gaming customers, we will measure the types of gaming activities and sites/platforms they are likely to engage in.
  • Market size of the online gaming markets, with a focus upon identifying current and potential players across a comprehensive range of gaming activities.
  • Demographic, geographic, and attitudinal-behavioural profiles of current and potential online players.
  • Strengths, weaknesses of current available offerings online for both government and non-regulated sites.
  • Preferences and interests in other forms of non-traditional online gaming.


In addition to the annual subscription, subscribers can purchase proprietary omnibus questions. Pollara will design custom questions in consultation with subscribers. Your proprietary omnibus questions and results will only be shared with you.

Subscribers can also purchase increased (booster) samples. Pricing for provincial booster samples is specified herein – with the price per n=100 covering both waves of research in 2019. Pricing for booster samples among specific demographic, attitudinal, or user segments will be determined based upon the incidence of the target segment.

Annual Subscriptions (2 Waves)$25,000
Custom Closed-Ended Questions$800 each
Custom Open-Ended Questions$1200 each
Booster samples, across 2 waves$1,500
per n=100
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