Dr. James Wallace

James Wallace

Senior Research Manager

Dr. James Wallace is dynamic researcher, economic historian and innovation champion that brings a range of market/insights research and public policy experience from working in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. He has worked with a range of large, industry-leadingclients from industries such as retail/B2B financial services, business services, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, consumer tech and telecommunications, and NGOs across the United States and Canada. He has also conducted extensive policy research across a range of important issues supporting Canada’s innovation economy developing our future-ready workforce including coding/computational thinking education in K-12 classrooms,entrepreneurship and career education, and youth mental health + wellness.

James is a committed supporter of using the latest quantitative and qualitative techniques and technology to constantly challenge and improve standards and best practice for researchers in both institutional and industry settings. He specializes in leading teams to work collaboratively and responsively to changing client needs and develop highly actionable insights that can be easily understood and implemented to serve a wide range of audiences and stakeholder groups.

He completed his PhD at McGill University in Montreal where his research investigated the development of a sensationalist or “popular” publishing industry, evaluating the geo-spatial impact and influences linking spaces to the consumption and movement of data. Upon graduating he was immediately hired by McGill to represent their interest as a founding member of Montreal’s quartier de l’innovation, or innovation district. Following his relocation to Toronto, James worked with the policy and knowledge mobilization team at The Learning Partnership – Canada’s largest education-related charity – where he spearheaded program evaluations and research project initiatives aimed at growing Canada’s future ready workforce, in stand-alone publications or in collaboration with school boards/districts from right across the country. After this, James joined the management team at OnResearch where he specialized in building digital and customer experience optimization strategies – developing and implementing customized data models maximize revenue and profitability for many large Canadian, US-based, or global clients.