Phil Terrell

Director, Digital & Creative

Phil leverages his unique and expansive skillset and talents – including graphic design, website development, and social media platform utilization – to help the Pollara team do more for their clients and look better doing it. He increases the quality and range of our research offerings, and makes our deliverables more compelling and easier to understand.

His digital responsibilities include managing Pollara’s digital research operations team and our Online+ research platform – an industry-leading sample engine that surveys respondents across all contact points, including multiple online panels and social media platforms, through a proprietary targeting algorithm, in order to provide our clients with the most representative samples of their target audiences.

His creative responsibilities include the development, design, and maintenance of websites, social media posts, social media survey advertising, and all facets of Pollara’s visual brand. He is also member of our brand research team, providing brand creative for select clients.

Phil began his career at Pollara, assuming roles as a call centre survey interviewer, in-depth interviewer, graphic designer, and ultimately as webmaster. He left Pollara to act as Senior Advisor to the Ontario Liberal Caucus on web, information systems, and brand. For many years, he has also managed an independent design and web consultancy, designing brands and websites for a wide array of clients. The Pollara team has been excited to welcome him back home, to lead our digital team and platform and to take on the role of creative director. Phil holds an Honours B.A. in Science, Sociology, & Psychology from Trent University.