Khadeeja Sajid

Khadeeja Sajid

Senior Research Manager

Khadeeja is a quantitative and qualitative research professional with a decade of experience leading research projects of every type across the private, public, and non-profit sectors. She is known for her human-centric approach to research and her exceptional ability to derive meaningful narratives, clarifying insights, and actionable strategic and tactical recommendations from every dataset.

For every client and every project, Khadeeja turns her attentive eye, inquisitive mind, and deep methodological expertise towards understanding the target audience’s mindset, emotions, aspirations, and experiential journey. Her survey design and analytical approach is laser-focussed upon discovering the needs, challenges, and motivations of customers, stakeholders, the general public, and relevant key segments. And, she always finds creative ways to synthesize, condense, and visualize research results in order to empower clients with digestible insights and clear direction.

Khadeeja has wide-ranging research experience, holding numerous community and client-facing research department roles in organizations of varying sizes, from small to medium-sized enterprises to municipalities to global corporations. As a research supplier, she conducts research for clients across most sectors and subject matter, with particular specialties in the agricultural, automotive, consumer packaged goods (CPG), e-commerce, financial, health care, and retail sectors. Notably, she has extensive experience conducting brand health and loyalty research, as well as research amongst diverse and marginalized communities.

Prior to joining the market research industry, Khadeeja gained experience in a variety of industries and and countries, including mining, hospitality, and municipal/regional government. Prior to joining Pollara, Khadeeja held key roles at Ipsos, YouGov, and other research firms. She holds a BA Honours degree from the University of Waterloo in Urban Planning, with a specialization in Design.