Mario Cáceres

Mario Cáceres

Vice President

Mario has vast experience in market research, dating back to 1995 when he started working in the field as a data entry associate and interviewer in his native country. In this role he had the opportunity to work in grassroots research, obtaining a deeper understanding of the field and its implications.

Since then, Mario has worked in research in multiple countries, including Japan and the US, managing a wide breadth of clients, projects, and techniques.

In 2012, Mario began his experience in Canada, working for the leading firm in Saskatchewan as a senior research executive. In this role he gained experience working with Canada’s public sector, conducting multiple quantitative and qualitative projects for Ministries, Crown Corporations, and Municipalities.

In 2016, Mario joined Nielsen’s consumer insights team as a business manager. For over three years, he led a team of associates and managed numerous quantitative and qualitative projects for public and private clients, including some of the leading consumer packaged goods companies in the world.