July 6, 2018 — Pollara proudly presents the third edition of SOCIALscape, Canada’s definitive measurement of social media and messaging usage patterns. Although almost all adult Online Canadians use social media, usage remains primarily Facebook-based. And, Canadian social media users are more wallflowers than posters: three-quarters read their feed(s) daily, but just a quarter post daily and less than half post even just once per week.

The 2018 edition also explores the attitudes and experiences of social media users. Not surprisingly, we found that a majority feel that social media is fun and cool, and that it allows them to stay in touch as well as re-connect with friends and family. However, we also unearthed some disturbing insights:

  • Almost half report seeing bigotry directed towards marginalized and minority populations on social media on a regular basis
  • Majorities believe that social media fosters hate and violence and undermines unity and cohesiveness in society.
  • Most report regularly seeing fake news via social media.
  • And, a majority of Facebook users feel that they cannot trust the company with their personal information.

Nevertheless, the positives – or the enduring power of FOMO – appear to outweigh the negatives, as less than one-in-ten social media users and Facebook users are seriously considering quitting social media in general or Facebook specifically.

Download and read the full report: SOCIALscape 2018

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