PollaraADI: Pollara’s Anti-Disinformation Practice

At least seven-in-ten Canadians are concerned about the spread of disinformation and hate, and feel that it should be a major priority for governments to fight back.

This defining challenge of our time is why we launched Pollara ADI – our anti-disinformation research practice devoted to understanding, monitoring, and combatting hate, disinformation, conspiracy, and similar networks and campaigns.

The PollaraADI team uses a 3-pronged methodology – rooted in social listening and cutting-edge research – to profile, understand, and monitor hate, disinformation, conspiracy, and similar campaigns and networks, and help our clients to combat them:

      • Disinformation landscape analysis
      • Disinformation campaign monitoring
      • Counter-message development & audience targeting


Our third prong sets us apart, as we go beyond the landscape assessment and monitoring in order to provide a clear, action plan re: who to target, with what market-proven counter-messaging, and where and how to most effectively reach them.

To learn more about what we can do for you, as well as see Pollara ADI case studies, please see our prospectus.