Careers at Pollara Strategic Insights

Careers at Pollara Strategic Insights

Do you have a passion for understanding people – whether they are consumers, stakeholders, influencers, or members of the public? Are you eager to go above and beyond for your clients by applying your responsiveness, creativity, and expertise in order to develop a strong, beneficial partnership with them?  Do you enjoy discovering the influential undercurrents below the surface of topline data and identifying key target segments and what motivates them – providing clear, actionable, and realistic strategic advice that has a beneficial impact upon clients’ decisions and plans?

Then, consider joining Pollara.

You will be working with leading companies and brands, supported by a passionate, committed, intelligent, collaborative, diverse, friendly, and welcoming team of researchers. You will be a part of our company’s growth and success, sharing and launching your ideas for new products and models as well as learning new, industry-leading approaches to project design and research analysis.

Current Opportunities

If no opportunities are listed, please check back soon.  Please also feel free to email us your CV and cover letter for future consideration.

Job posting, June 2021:
Vice President, Consumer Insights and Vice President, Banking & Financial Services. [View PDF]

Embracing Diversity and Inclusivity

Pollara believes that a diverse workforce is a strength. Each employee’s unique background, experiences, and perspectives enhance and contribute to the fabric of our workforce, the relevancy and effectiveness of our research solutions, and our professional relationships with our clients, respondents, and suppliers.

We are committed to attracting, developing, and retaining the most talented individuals regardless of their ethnocultural or racialized background, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, and physical ability. These practices are fundamental to the success of our company and our society.

Our commitment to respecting, supporting, and welcoming diversity is embedded into every aspect our corporate activities and culture. We do not tolerate discrimination or intolerance in any form. Through strict adherence to these commitments as well as rigorous processes and monitoring, we foster an inclusive and supportive workplace culture that always respects and values the diverse backgrounds of all of our employees, without exception.