Pollara's Path to Brand Value (PBV)

The Pollara Model for Measuring and Improving Brand Value

The idea of a brand is intangible, but it has power and influence beyond an organization’s dollar valuation. Strong brands attract and engage, and have an authoritative voice and platform. Weak brands struggle to be heard and to affect the terrain upon which they act.

It can be difficult to determine what a brand is worth and equally hard to explain the importance that a brand carries.

Measuring and improving brand value requires a framework for understanding the power of the rational and emotional associations that consumers and stakeholders have with a product or service. 

Pollara’s PBV model seeks to measure and understand what drives your brand value across your key audiences, and provide a clear, actionable path for our clients to improve their brand value.

The Five Pillars of Pollara's PBV Model

Brands are complex entities. Based upon our extensive brand research expertise, our brand value model is founded upon five pillars: awareness, relevancy, uniqueness, satisfaction/loyalty, and trust. 

Each of these pillars houses a number of both rational/logical and emotional attributes. These attributes include core attributes and customizable attributes uniquely relevant to your organization.

With a focus on delivering actionable findings and advice, we identify how your organization performs on each attribute, the degree to which each attribute “fits” the brand, and the degree to which it influences impressions, usage/loyalty, and – ultimately – your brand value.  

Advanced statistical analysis

Our model utilizes advanced statistical analyses, such as Structural Equation Modelling or Regression and Factor Analysis, to elegantly solve the complexities of brand value dynamics and distill a large dataset into a clear, actionable, and visual path to improve brand value. 

Structural Equation Modelling allows us to simplify and visualize how different segments react to the attributes of your brand, and how people’s emotional and rational thought processes can be efficiently channeled to increase brand value.

A Visual Path to Improving Brand Value

Our model provides clients with a visual path, which illuminates which brand pillars and attributes to drive brand value – including which attributes work in concert and amplify each other.  We identify and prioritize which brand attributes to leverage and remedy so that you can efficiently and effectively focus your brand value improvement strategy and tactics.

And, our 360-degree approach provides custom brand value improvement paths for each of your key audiences, including customers, members, employees, stakeholders, influencers, peers, and other key target audiences.