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Multi-Modal Data Collection

We collect roughly 1,400 responses a night across online and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms. The responses and charts are weighted and updated in real time. These graphs combine all responses in the last 72 hours for an approximate continuous sample of 4,200. As it is a rolling sample, interviews re added and dropped and the total may fluctuate over time. Because this is a blended sample, we cannot offer a margin of error.

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Usage and Ownership of Data

Ownership of study, report

The Pandemic Paths to Power; Federal Election Dashboard – the survey instrument, reports, and data – are the property of Pollara. Pollara may publicly release a small number of selected findings from the study for marketing purposes

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This dashboard is exclusively for the private use of subscribers to this site. Subscribers are prohibited from providing the study results, report, and data to any other parties. No part of the study survey, report, or data may be reproduced in any form, by any means, without written permission from Pollara. A breach of any provision of this contract may require the offending party to pay monetary damages.  

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