Mental Health Research Canada – Mental Health in the Pandemic (Poll 8)

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Key findings on MHRC’s eight poll in our on-going series of polls on “Mental Health in Crisis: How COVID is Impacting Canadians”

Our eighth national poll shows the significant divide in mental health experiences of Canadians as more of the population is vaccinated. Respondents who have not been vaccinated indicated significantly more symptoms of mental distress, as well as higher levels of anxiety and depression compared to those who have received the vaccine. 

For the first time on Poll 8, the majority (84%) of respondents to MHRC’s national poll were double-vaccinated. Three out of four of these individuals (75%) indicated concern about the continuing potential threat of COVID-19, compared to 38% of unvaccinated respondents. Unvaccinated people indicated significantly higher levels of anxiety and depression when looking ahead two months in the context of pandemic-related restrictions.

These are some of the key findings MHRC is releasing today in an Abridged Report and a Full Report on our eighth national poll, in partnership with Health Canada. This poll is part of our 12-poll series, on “Mental Health in Crisis: How COVID-19 Is Impacting Canadians,” designed to capture Canadians’ perceptions of their levels of anxiety and depression to identify and evaluate factors that influence mental health.

Other major findings of our study include:  

  • 1-in-4 (26%) of parents indicate that their children “rarely” or “never” had a chance to socialize with other children in the last month.
  • One-in-three Canadians (32%) indicate either that they are, or they should be, accessing mental health supports since COVID-19.
  • The increase in service delivery is almost entirely in virtual services (phone, text, online) — 4% of Canadians are accessing services in this way in the year prior to COVID, compared to 14% now.

Don’t forget to also check out our free, interactive, easily searchable Data Portal, which captures the findings of our polls! A series of research briefs that provide an in-depth, specific investigation of our polling results can be found on our website.

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