August 3, 2018 — Our annual provincial benchmarking survey reveals that Ontarians’ municipal satisfaction levels remain steady and moderately positive – in terms of both governance and services. Overall, at least six-in-ten Ontarians are at least moderately satisfied with their local government as well as the quality and range of services provided.

However, not every region is satisfied.

Municipal satisfaction is highest in the 905 GTA Belt and the East, followed by the City of Toronto. Notably, the 905 GTA Belt posts moderate increases in satisfaction compared to the 2017 wave of our study.

The North remains the least satisfied – with just half or less expressing satisfaction on the three elements tested.  The Southwest and Hamilton-Niagara also post relatively low satisfaction levels – especially with local municipal governance, as just 48% and 55%, respectively, are satisfied in this regard.

Full details in our report: Municipal Satisfaction in Ontario, 2018

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