July 21, 2019 — Pollara Strategic Insights recently surveyed 2,002 Canadians about their beliefs across a range of serious and not-so-serious subjects that are popular in today’s media and entertainment or perennial undercurrents within the zeitgeist. The survey covers topics rooted in science, spirituality, physics, conspiracy theories, and the supernatural.

Throughout the results Canadians exhibit a very strong allegiance to, and confidence in, science, whether it be belief in evolution, The Big Bang, climate change, dinosaurs, or the likelihood that artificial intelligence will surpass that of humans.

Many Canadians are also spiritual, expressing belief in a soul and/or a higher power. 

Despite the prevalence of anti-vaccination activists, flat earth theorists, and zombie fiction in today’s headlines and entertainment, very small proportions of Canadians adhere to these beliefs. Similarly, few believe in longstanding conspiracy theories such as the fake moon landing and Elvis being alive. 

Nevertheless, given that Canadians tend to disregard such propositions and generally display a need for evidence, some of the results may prove surprising – especially how many Canadians believe in ghosts, dowsing, and psychic powers.

To learn more read our report.

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