More Canadians on “team Oppenheimer” than “team Barbie”

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September 27, 2023 – As the “Barbenheimer” phenomenon swept across Canada this summer, many Canadians were picking sides based on which movie they preferred. As the run for both movies wraps up, Pollara finds that while Barbie won the box office battle, more Canadians are likely to consider themselves part pf “team Oppenheimer”.

Overall, 27% of Canadian adults declare themselves as part of “team Oppenheimer” versus 20% for “team Barbie”. This is more a byproduct of what type of movie Canadians think they’d prefer than how they felt about the actual movies; among the 5% of Canadians who saw both movies this summer, 44% preferred Barbie and 42% preferred Oppenheimer.

Even politicians got in on the “Barbenheimer” craze, with a tweet from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau where he declared himself part of “team Barbie” drawing 43 million views. Despite Trudeau’s preference, Liberal voters are more likely to side with “team Oppenheimer” than “team Barbie”:

Team OppenheimerTeam Barbie
Liberal voters28%17%
Conservative voters34%15%
NDP voters23%36%
Bloc voters24%13%
Green voters35%34%
PPC voters19%6%

This is a byproduct of demographics more than anything else, with the Liberals stronger among many of the groups preferring Oppenheimer: older Canadians, higher education voters, and immigrants. Meanwhile, NDP voters were more likely to prefer Barbie, largely due to their base of younger women. See the full details in our report.

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