Pollara launches Inflation Pressure Points syndicated study

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15% of workers in public sector unions say their wages are keeping up with inflation

36% of investors are thinking about investing less money or cashing out investments because of inflation

38% of Canadians are very stressed by the cost of food at the grocery store, the highest cost-of-living pressure

59% of Canadians expect the rate of inflation to increase over the next few months

78% of parents are spending less money on vacations this year because of inflation

These are just some of the findings from research conducted by Pollara on a national June survey. These figures show that, even though inflation rates have eased, Canadians are still feeling inflation. Moreover, the higher interest rates introduced to fight inflation are causing other ripple effects throughout the economy.

Pollara’s new quarterly syndicated study, Inflation Pressure Points, explores how economic perceptions are evolving and the behavioural impacts this new economic outlook is having on investment and consumer habits in various sectors.

Each wave of this study will feature deep dives on topics such as interest rates, financial services, and travel. Subscribers will also receive 2 custom questions each wave, to understand more directly how your organization and the issues you deal with are being impacted by the public’s rapidly shifting economic outlook.

You can read more information about Pollara’s new Inflation Pressure Points syndicated study, or send us an e-mail for more details.

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