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A Majority (55%) of Canadians Prefer a Pharmacare Program that Complements rather than Replaces Existing Drug Plans

October 19, 2018 --- The Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada's new survey about pharmacare reveals that pharmacare is not a top-of-mind priority for Canadians. When asked, most (84%) Canadians support the concept in-principle. A majority (55%) prefer a program that focusses on providing coverage to those without, while maintaining existing drug plans.

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Federal Political Scene, Fall 2018: Liberals hold 6-point Lead over Conservatives, with NDP, Greens, and PPC Trailing

October 12, 2018 --- In our latest poll for Maclean's, the Liberals hold a six-point lead over the Conservatives, with the NDP, Greens, and PPC trailing. But, our poll reveals potential for the newly-founded PPC to grow.

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