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In Search of Canada’s “Middle Class”, Wave 4 (2018)

September 20, 2018 --- At a time when political leaders across the country are making references to helping “The Middle Class”, our study finds that most (76%) Canadians feel Middle Class at a "gut" level, but that just 43% report this class identification when choosing their “class” from among a 4-category hierarchy. Thus, general references and appeals to the Middle Class will find an audience among most Canadians. However, if the discussion evolves into a detailed consideration of class identity, a significant proportion of Canadians will feel left out of those appeals.

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Time Spent 2018: Canadian Perspectives on the Time they Spend with Family, Work, Exercise, Screentime, and Entertainment

August 23, 2018 --- How do Canadians feel about their level of work-life balance, their amount of social media and smartphone screentime, and the perennial struggle between choosing physical fitness over couch potato entertainment options like video games, sports broadcasts, and shows and movies? And, how do they feel about the level of participation of other household members in each of these activities?

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