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Senior Research Manager

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Senior Research Associate (Vancouver)

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Research Associate

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Research Associate

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SOCIALscape 2018: Canada’s definitive measurement of social media and messaging usage patterns

In our third edition of SOCIALscape, we found that social media usage remains primarily Facebook-based and focussed upon reading rather than posting. And, we explored the experiences of social media users - some positive, some disturbing. Yet, in a testament to the power of FOMO, very few users are seriously considering quitting.

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The Health Care in Canada Survey: 12th Edition

The latest in our series of analyses of the results of the 12th edition of the Health Care in Canada (HCIC) Survey has been published in the current issue of Healthcare Quarterly. In this article, we focus upon health care improvement priorities amongst the general public and health care providers - especially the top priority: pharmacare.

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